Providing detailed data on cement conditions in real-time, through the curing process as well as the operational lifetime; giving cement sensing capabilities to monitor in real-time and reduce maintenance costs by 15-20%

Smart Cement Project LifeCycle

How it Works

Project Information

Input the project information for keeping up with your structure's details


Layer your data with outside info to make sure your structure is durable


Detailed Analytics

Be proactive with structure data being at your fingertips in real-time.

Intelligent Alerts

Receive in app notifications around your structures most pressing details.

Real-Time Quality Control

Make sure that your project is at peak structural strength with every pour

Provides real-time data monitoring the temperature, stress, contamination and corrosion of your concrete; providing not only a life time expectancy but also, future design optimization

Data Analytics

We store your project information and communicate to your mobile device directly on your project site to help you detect any deltas. 


In real-time we will transform your data into easy understand actionable intelligence. Don't let anyone your team be blind-sided.


Customized Alerts

Set your own alerts and customize them for your project and sanity.

Projects have a lot of moving pieces at all times. That means there are numerous amount of places where communication can slip through the cracks. SENSYROC ™ allows you to set your project in a way for a minimal amount of pain-points to take place. Making life that much easier coupling our tech with your structure. 

Know instantly

Project managers have 0 time to waste on micromanagement. Leave the structural makeup of your project to 



With your mind looking away from all of the errors. You have more time to focus on real project manager duties like timeliness of delivery. 

“We cannot guarantee the quality of mix after discharge. This technology can change it.

“ Delays in construction of concrete structures are costly. Monitoring techniques are needed to predict better”

“Anything can happen at the job and has hidden liability. Real time monitoring saves cost and time” 

“Concrete is the most used material in the world yet there is no monitoring”

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