Houston based company, Sensytec aims to revolutionize the outdated and inefficient cement solutions use in the construction and O&G industry nowadays.

Houston based company, Sensytec aims to revolutionize the outdated and inefficient monitoring solutions used in the construction and O&G industries. 

Our Mission

Sensytec's mission is to provide safer and cost-efficient solutions to monitor cement/concrete conditions accurately and continuously in real-time from the curring process through the operational lifetime of any concrete structure. 


Ph.D. Vipulanandan

          In 2012,Dr. Vipulanandan, director of the Center for Innovative Grouting Materials and Technology at The  University of  Houston began working on a Smart Cement™ Technology (SCT) with a $2.6 million grant from the Department of Energy. Three years later, Ody De la Paz, Co-founder, and CEO of Sensytec started the R&D of the Smart Cement™ Technology as part of an academic project from the Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship curriculum at the University of Houston. He was tasked with finding the right market for the patented technology and building a go-to-market plan for that chosen market. He evaluated between 10 and 15 applications and markets and developed multiple business plans. Ody’s final deliverable was a pitch at the University of Houston business plan competition, which in fact won first place. He effectively communicated the power of the patented technology, the market opportunities, the financial structure, and the sales and marketing strategy.


Sensytec Launch    In 2016, Ody founded Sensytec and alongside with his Co-founder, Dr. Maddi, and continued the research and development for Sensytec’s patented technology. Together, they competed in several business-plan competitions across the nation and won first place in five of them and placed in several others around the U.S. Throughout the business plan competitions Sensytec has gained plenty of interest from investors, end-users, and advisors. The team completed the regional NSF I-Corp program and conducted extensive customer validation and interviews with industry professionals including civil engineers, general contractors, materials testing engineers, and commercial project owners.

         In 2017, The University of Houston determined that this technology should be patented, and the patent was published (Patent Number: WO2017011460 A1) and Sensytec received an exclusive global license agreement from the University of Houston to commercialize the technology.

Sensytec Patent

     TechStarts   In 2018, Sensytec completed the TechStars Energy Accelerator in partnership with Equinor that is based in Oslo, Norway. TechStars consisted of 13 weeks of intensive startup accelerator for those who work on disruptive solutions within oil and gas, renewable, new business models and digitalization. In this year, Techstars received hundreds of applications and Sensytec was selected to be part of the accelerator and one of 10 leading techs and energy startup after completing the program.

Founder's Experience 


Ody De La Paz

Ody De La Paz: CEO, a Bachelor's in Accounting and Entrepreneurship. Ody has over 8 years of management, sales, and marketing experience working with family offices managing operations over $2.5 million for over 4 years while also working in the startup community in Houston Texas.



Anudeep headshot

Anudeep Reddy Maddi: CTO: Sai Anudeep Reddy Maddi has an MS in Civil Engineering from the University of Houston and is currently finishing his Ph.D. in Materials Civil Engineering at The University of Houston. He has over 5 years of experience with concrete and materials industry.



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